Do you wish for a job with a rewarding career, growth and personal development? Cross Munitions has you covered with a whole range of jobs from sales to running our range. Interested? Sign in the form below and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

We’d like to also mention one thing, joining our store isn’t a simple ‘get rich quick’ scheme, sometimes it may involve you standing around for a potential customer, it happens, no store is perfect, but we do ask for people who are willing to sacrifice a few hours of their personal time.

TL;DR: Some shifts may be boring, some wont be, we’re not people with crystal balls, we don’t know how many people will enter the store on any day

 • 35/65 wage split (35 for you, 65 for business which is excluding high component prices)
 • A base salary of $4000 paid hourly, any wages from sales will be added upon the total amount. (This only applies to the Store Clerk, Range Operators earn $1000     per customer they bring in)
 • 10% Discount on all firearms and attachments in our store.
 • Unlimited and unrestricted firearms range usage in your personal time.

 • Must be at least 18 years old
 • Must not have a felony on their criminal record
 • Must be willing to work a few hours per week
 • Is not currently working for any other ammunation within San Andreas